Freelance Artist and Comic Illustrator.

Liana is freelance comic artist and illustrator who grew up in Melbourne, FL and has spent the last three years as an expat; living in two countries and multiple states. Liana is currently living in central Jersey, near NYC. 

Liana attended Florida Institute of Technology and graduated in '10.

Liana specializes in editorial and sequential illustration in both digital and traditional formats. 

With a lifelong love of comics and a background in marketing and graphic design, Liana has combined her skills into a fulltime freelance career which includes features on Nerdist and Comics Alliance as well as work on her own upcoming comic, BlackOUT.

Current Work Status: Commissions Open

You can find exclusive previews of her work on BlackOUT and more on Patreon here:

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2017 (Fan Art Friday)
2017 Homage of Plz Get Away from me patch in a panel in Jem: The Misfits courtesy of Jenn St-Onge
2016 Coven (the zine) by Allison Ranieri
2016 Mind Over Matter Anthology Cover & Interior by Ricochet Press
2016 Mini Mansions Feature 
2016 Comic Alliance: The Art of the #80sXMen
2015 Worship the Brand Female Comedians


Vice (Noisey), Hello Giggles, Casetify, Stock & Belle, Punk News


Once Upon a Wedding, TinyBoneFace, Ben Franklin's Grave PR, Sonoco, Dorothy Art, Tandem Productions, Legendary Wearing, Nina L Stylist, Kate Edits, ABA Tech, Florida Institute of Technology, 


You can find prints by Liana on Society 6Big Cartel, and Etsyor at her favorite flagship store, Stock and Belle in Memphis, TN. 

Additionally, you can find tech exclusive accessories on Casetify, and select few shirts on Threadless.


2016 Weirdo Flyer Show in Brooklyn, NY, 2016
90’s on Nick: Nick on Knickerbocker at Vinyl Fantasy in Brooklyn, NY
2015 Solo Show curated by Liana at Broad Ave Studios “New Girl" in Memphis, TN 
2012 Raw Artists “Provocations” Orlando, FL
2010 “Tata Gala Digital Gallery” Sarasota, FL
2010 “Robot Love 2.0” 321 Gallery, Melbourne, FL