Comics are my passion, and I'm honored to work on so many incredible projects. Please feel free to check out some of my past and on running projects below or contact me directly to get image samples of my current sequentials portfolio. 

Currently: Commissions Open, work CLOSED

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Liana illustrated a short story with writer Erica Schultz (M3, Hawkgirl, Charmed). This anthology will include a variety of perspectives. One hundred percent of the proceeds for the anthology will be donated to an existing GoFundMe campaign for the survivors in Las Vegas.




mine! - COMIC MIX 

Recently published with Pat Shand (created and written by) and (lettered by) Jim Campbell, Liana worked on an original Destiny, NY short called "I Stand With You" published by Comic Mix. Mine! is a compilation featuring personal experiences, mythology, and a future both with and without Planned Parenthood. 



EiGW: Comics on Punk & Mental Illness (Editors Mark Bouchard and Megan Rae) a 120 page full-color comic, all proceeds benefiting The Trevor Project and MusiCares. I have a personal narrative, auto biographical comic written by Joe Corallo, co-editor of Mine!




Comic BlackOUT is a co-created, slice of life/dystopian - indie published comic by Liana Kangas (art) and Jamez Kelske (script). So far, a 0 issue has been published and is available online for purchase. Updates on BlackOUT and new issues are available on Liana's Patreon.


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short for aura by dr. vasilis k pozios md

One of Liana's earliest comics work was for to test pages on Vasilis K. Pozios' Aura. Aura, or Alexis Pope, (a fledgling fashion designer and superhero in Brooklyn who lives with bipolar disorder and associated migraines that she harnesses for good.) 

Other published work:

Gay in Space Zine
How to Read Comics by Jason Shaw/Interstable
Mind Over Matter Anthology Cover & Interior by Ricochet Press
Running with Corgis